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Bitcoin price prediction 2025

Bitcoin price prediction 2025


As envisioned by Tim Draper, Bitcoin will hit a cool $250k by 2022. Tim Draper, a billionaire venture capitalist scored big as an early banker of Skype and Baidu. He had predicted the Bitcoin price to hit $10000 by 2018 and by November 28, 2017 his prediction had become to pass. Mike Novogratz a former hedge fund manager, who had also predicted that the Bitcoin price could hit $10000 by 2018, has invested his own $150 million and plans to raise even more from outside sources mainly from wealthy individuals, families and fellow hedge fund managers. His investment is informed by his sheer belief that Bitcoin is set to increase by 2022, sharing the same prediction as Draper.


Reviews on the potentiality of bitcoin


There other pro-bitcoiners who hold the same theory as Draper. One such people are the famous Bitcoin billionaires Winklevoss Twins who believe that Bitcoin has a potential of thirty to forty times increase to that of its current value. They project their prediction of Bitcoin’s future market cap at over $5 trillion this is in comparison to the $7 trillion global gold market which they believe Bitcoin will greatly disrupt. They hold that Gold is scarce while Bitcoin is fixed; they also believe that it is because of its portability and divisibility that will make it stand out as compared to Gold.


Where Bitcoin prices will be in the next few years


Trace Mayer is another pro-bitcoin who believes that Bitcoin will increase by a relative price of 4.75. Mayer, an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, and a monetary scientist, is basing his prediction on a 200-day moving average. He says that by taking the 200-day moving average in four months it will be worth over $27000. Master Luc an anonymous Bitcoin trader known to give impressive predictions sees Bitcoin reaching between 40,000 and 110000 US dollars sometime before 2019.


Thomas Glucksmann says the cryptocurrency will increase because of the regulation, the introduction of institutional capital and the advancement in technology such as in Lighting Network. Glucksmann, the head of APAC business at Gatecoin adds that a possible element in Market growth going forward could be a release of a penny cryptocurrency based ETF, similar to when BTC’s price shot up to $16,800 in Dec. 2017 after the CBOE’s futures launch. Ronnie Moas, founder and director of research at Standpoint projects Bitcoin to reach a price of $50,000 by late 2020. He projects that the market cap of all cryptocurrencies will increase to a cool $2 trillion from its current $150 billion within the next ten years.


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More Banks & Fintechs Will Use XRP Cryptocurrency: Ripple

Thirteen more financial institutions have joined RippleNet, as announced by Ripple, putting the total at over 200. Among these, five of them will use the ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency for liquidity. The press release name these Institutions: Transpaygo, FTCS, JNFX, send friends and Euro Exim Bank. While 8 others will not use XRP to access liquidity on demand.


XRP Cryptocurrency


Director of Euro Exim Bank, Kaushik Punjani, stated about the partnership that the XRP has always uniquely placed to offer new payment channels and other ways to source liquidity. It has been observed in the past that their customers have been restricted for obtaining cost-effective and timely suitable funds or settling transactions. Hence, working collaboratively with Ripple, xCurrent and xRapid in record time, Euro Exim looks forward to bring benefits for their customers.


While most of the companies added to RippleNet will actually not be using XRP for liquidity purposes. They will be using the settlement layer of Ripple’s enterprise blockchain RippleNet and the network of other institutions for their cross-border payments. 


Ripple Price Somewhat Stable 


Ripple price has somewhat been stable, while RippleNet and xRapid have been Ripple’s core offerings to the financial world. The xRapid enables liquidity instantly via XRP and the RippleNetallows banks to work with other participants in the network in ways that vastly reduce costs. The ripple price has remained steadily around 37 cents over the 24-hour period now.

Ripple price

Ripple has continuously developed its technology and business relationships in order to increase the cryptocurrency’s network value, although its still a long way from its all-time high of more than $3 per XRP. Regardless of market metrics, interest in ripple is only growing. The price of XRP has significantly reduced due to the plenitude of its tokens.

As of now, there has been a positive attitude towards XRP as more government regulation enters the crypto markets. It always has been a regulatory-compliant seeking cryptocurrency. XRP can be called regulatory friendly in order to be bank friendly. Its target markets are Banks and financial institutions.

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